About GCB


Galactic Central Bank is the galaxy's premier financial institution. With tens of billions of credits under management, GCB offers safe, secure, reliable income for sentients across the known galaxy, with clients ranging from the everyday transport pilot to the leaders of the largest and most influential governments. GCB offers transaction accounts, providing swift and secure transfers to anyone with a GCB account, as well as anonymous accounts for clients who value privacy as a chief concern. GCB is also the only galactic financial institution which offers no-hassle, interest-bearing savings accounts, providing a steady, guaranteed return on your investment.

Originally founded as a manufacturing conglomerate, GCB has recently shifted to operating primarily as a financial services provider. With current and upcoming products including transaction and savings accounts, bond markets, a proprietary SafeTrade system that seeks to eliminate the galactic use of middlemen as well as the scourge of trade theft, and endeavors into casinos, sports leagues, and product markets, GCB seeks to extend its trusted name and brand of financial management across every industry.

Not forgetting its original roots, GCB also offers datacard rentals and production of a variety of valuable and innovative tangible products, including the ubiquitous BFF-1 Bulk Frieghter and the versatile Y-Wing. Interested potential customer should contact a sales representative today to rent these datacards or organize the production of these entities by GCB. Galactic Central Bank's extensive production and mining networks allow us to fill orders from single ships up to massive fleets.

Galactic Central Bank is always looking for new and dedicated personnel to fill positions in logistics, sales, production, and account management. Contact your local recruiter today!