Transaction Accounts


Transaction Accounts are the basic accounts provided to all clients of GCB, and for are securely storing credits for routine use. These types of accounts are used for ‘on demand’ requirements such as transferring credits to savings accounts and loan repayments, bond market purchases, transfers to accounts held by other people or groups, and making purchases through GCB’s affiliates.

GCB’s Transaction Accounts come with a variety of options for different types of use and customer focus, but all are secure, safe, and guaranteed. As the purpose of Transaction Accounts is to maintain easy access to credits for purchases and transfers, these accounts do not earn interest.


The most basic transaction account for people with low usage and number of transactions. No minimum amount required to keep the account open.

Client Type: Individual

Account Minimum: 0cr
Account Limit: 1,000,000,000cr
Interest Rate (APY): N/A

SafeTRADE® Included: No
Bond Market Included: No


A more advanced transaction account for those people expecting to be undertaking regular transfers and/or trading with benefits of SafeTRADE®.

Client Type: Individual

Account Minimum: 25,000,000cr
Account Limit: 500,000,000cr
Interest Rate (APY): N/A

SafeTRADE® Included: Yes
Bond Market Included: No


A premium transaction account for people that will be undertaking a large number of transfers. Best suited for active merchants and corporations.

Client Type: Individual & Corporate

Account Minimum: 100,000,000cr
Account Limit: N/A
Interest Rate (APY): N/A

SafeTRADE® Included: Yes
Bond Market Included: Yes


Optional Extras

Something you want not included in the account type you want? Then the following optional extras are available, and each applies across all of a Client's accounts:



500,000cr per month + 1% Transaction Fee

This is GCB’s unique trading system designed to protect people undertaking trades with one another. By using a mutual authentication system that a trade has occurred, this service gives people peace of mind they are not going to be ripped off.

Bond Market Access

200,000cr per month

The GCB Bond Market is where investors are able to find bonds to purchase and generate wealth. By matching investment opportunities with excess capital from investors and guaranteeing the terms of the bond, GCB is able to establish a robust and easy to use marketplace which draws investor and developer to a single place to build economic growth.

Anonymous Account

5,000,000cr per month

For those individuals wishing to keep their identity private when either sending or receiving with their transaction account, this extra is a must. While linked to your Client Account within GCB’s online system, when applied to an account, this feature ensures that credits sent from or to your account do not display the Client Account information in the other person’s records. All they see is the Account ID information, but they will have no means of identifying who the account belongs to.